The order of publication of articles in the journal

1. Scientific articles are submitted for publication after registration on the basis of the requirements of the section "Conditions for submitting an article" of the Electronic Journal. The text of the scientific article  must be sent to the email address. By signing the last page of the published version, you will need the editorial office of the scientific electronic journal "International Journal of Theoretical and Applied Research" (5th floor 5-409 room), located in the building of the Fergana Polytechnic Institute.

2. Scientific articles submitted for publication in an electronic scientific journal are sent to the editorial board of the journal responsible. Scientific articles with positive reviews are published in the order they are received.

3. Scientific articles that have serious shortcomings identified during the review process are returned to their authors for editing. Scientific articles that do not correspond to the scientific directions of the journal are not published and are not returned to the author.

4. The rights of authors of scientific articles are protected on the basis of the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. ЗРУ-42 "On Copyright and Related Rights", dated July 20, 2006 (Collected Legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan, 2006, No. 28-29, Art. 260; 2013, No. 1, Art. 1, No. 41, Art. 543; National Database of Legislation, 04/19/2018, No. 03/18/476/1087; 05/24/2019, No. 03/19/542 / 317)