About the magazine

«Al-Ferganus» LLC was founded by enthusiastic scientists as part of a social project aimed at developing national and foreign science, ensuring the general availability of theoretical positions and practical results of applied research.

The aim of the project is to create an independent discussion platform for leading scientists of the expert-analytical and academic circles, as well as to discuss innovative ideas of the world's leading research and educational institutions.

For the rapid exchange of modern scientific achievements, «Al-Ferganus» LLC has established an electronic media in the format of the interdisciplinary scientific journal "International Journal of Theoretical and Practical Research", published on the platform www.alferganus.uz .




This publication in a short time managed to enter the international scientometric databases, such as:

Index Copernicus;


Directory of Research Journals Indexing;

General impact factor;

Scientific Journal Impact Factor;

Advanced Science Index;


Academic resourse index;

Google Scholar.

Along with this, regarding membership in other international scientometric databases, the publication is officially notified that the journal has been accepted for indexing.

These successes could not have been achieved without the most valuable asset of the publishing house-the editorial team. The members of the editorial board of the journal "International Journal of Theoretical and Practical Research" are scientists represented in the leading universities of Uzbekistan and foreign countries, as well as authoritative public figures.

Thanks to their experience, knowledge and efforts, «Al-Ferganus» LLC is simultaneously engaged in the development of intellectual products, but also implements popular scientific and educational projects in the form of conferences, seminars, trainings and master classes. It is impossible not to mention the invaluable contribution of the authors, who continuously cooperate with the editorial board. The staff of the publishing house works not only to attract new authors and young specialists to this social project, but also to develop innovative approaches in its activities, which helps to take into account almost all the requests of readers.

Thanks to the well-coordinated work of a team of professional specialists, «Al-Ferganus» LLC continues to develop the electronic journal step by step, and the interest in it is growing both in the national and foreign scientific communities, as well as in the business community.

The editorial staff highly appreciates the cooperation and is sincerely grateful to everyone who is involved in our common cause.

Our motto: "For those who strive to succeed in science!»